Christmas Tree Time in Florida

Growing up in semi-rural Northeast Ohio, I kind of took it for granted that we could go and cut our own Christmas tree down each year. As a matter-of-fact, we never owned an artificial tree back then. However, when the time came to have my own place, things changed.  All of the trees I have had since moving out, up until this year, have been artificial.

Christmas tree
This is definitely NOT a Florida Christmas tree farm, but kind of farm I dream about nonetheless!

Longing for a real, live Christmas tree this year, we took a trip to a nearby Christmas tree farm here in Florida. Granted, it is still not quite the same as a northern Christmas tree farm, but you do what you can while living in the warmer climates this time of year. At the Christmas tree farm, you may cut down your tree yourself, adding to the experience. However, the Florida climate just isn’t conducive to growing your traditional spruce or fir Christmas trees. This being the case, we decided to buy a nice pre-cut eight-foot fraser fir tree while at the farm.

                                                                  Fraser Fir

We loaded up our tree onto “The Beast”,  and began our journey home.  Once home, it was time for another one of our favorite This Big House family traditions, which is the trimming of the tree! Now I love Thanksgiving – what with all the turkey eating and football watching – but there is just something about pulling out all of those Christmas decorations that we haven’t seen in nearly a year. After they are put up, the house is  transformed into a house full of Christmas cheer!

                                                                          This is a picture of some of our dining room Christmas decorations
                                                                                     Anyone else have a thing for bubble lights?


Tree Trimming Time!

Ever since I was a child, it always seemed that it was Dad’s responsibility to get the tree set for trimming.  This year, Micah and Kai are my helpers for setting the tree in the stand and getting all of  the lights placed evenly on the tree. While I am doing that with Micah and Kai, Momma and the bigger kids are decorating the house. Finally, the lights are on the tree, and together we all hang our Christmas ornaments that we have accumulated over the years. Another tradition we have carried over from my childhood, is to get each child an ornament each year and write their name and the year on it. When it is time to venture out on their own, these ornaments will be theirs to add to their own tree. Hopefully it will be a real one, but I understand if not!

                          Not our tree, but a great example of a beautifully trimmed tree!
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