Motivation.  I always try to find different ways to keep myself inspired.  One thing that really gets me going, not just for fitness, but life in general, has been listening to various motivational videos on YouTube.

Over the past few weeks, I have logged hours of listening time to this type of video.  One of the speakers that really stands out to me is Les Brown.  Les Brown is a man who came from the direst of circumstances.  According, Mr. Brown was born on the floor of an abandoned building in Miami.  Three weeks later, his mother would give he and his twin brother away.  At six weeks old, they were adopted by Mamie Brown, an unmarried cook and maid.

When Les Brown was younger, he was labeled as having learning disabilities, to the point he was put into special education classes.  Today, Les Brown has overcome the odds and insecurities his past had birthed.  He is now a motivational speaker worth millions upon millions.  Just listen to him for a few seconds, and you will see why he is so successful.

I mentioned wanting to do better with health and fitness, but I also listen to the motivational videos for other areas in my life where I am not fulfilling my full potential, which truthfully is just about everywhere!  I want greatness for me and my family.  These videos are a great reminder that if we can believe it, we can achieve it.  Easier said than done, but you have to think it and say it first.

To quote one of those YouTube videos, “I can.  I will.  I must.”

I need to show this to the teenagers!

*Update:  at the time of this posting, I am down to 224 after getting to my highest weight of 232.

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