Right after Jay and I decided to put our house in the market he noticed the light fixtures in one of the bathrooms was not attaching to the wall properly.  Since Jay had to leave town for his planned trip, he said, “it’s not a big deal, just get a handyman to attach the screw to the wall.” I was a little nervous about the situation but since Jay said it was not a big deal, what could go wrong?  Ha! Everything went wrong!

So, my weekend started with a phone call from the toddler’s school saying Kai is sick and needs to be picked up.  Meanwhile, I was on the phone looking for a handyman to fix the light fixture while waiting on Zion at the dentist. I asked the front office if I can leave him there to run and grab Kai from the school and I did just that.  I grabbed Kai who, by the way, smelled like intense vomit and I took him home. I could not just leave him with Tyler in that condition, however. I quickly gave Kai a bath and ran to get Zion from the dentist office. I dropped Zion off to school and was hoping and praying I could find a handyman to come over.  I got a call from a potential buyer that’s interested in the house and he wanted to see it ASAP. The pressure was on! In my mind, I didn’t want to show the house with the light fixture hanging out of the wall, but we’re really trying to get rid of the house!

It was obvious that Kai had some kind of stomach bug and just had to let it take its course. So for the past few days, I kept cleaning Kai and my house.  A handyman showed up early Saturday morning but he said he couldn’t fix it. He suggested cutting a hole in the wall to add a small 4X4 or try getting a lighter weight light fixture.  My concern was the potential buyer that was coming to see the house later that day.

So, I did what I could.  I made sure the house was spotless and was ready to let the buyer know that we are in the process of repairing the light fixture.  The buyer ended up being the mother of our daughter’s friend….small world! She quickly looked through the house and didn’t even bother looking in that bathroom.  I am not sure if she went through quickly because she liked the house enough or maybe, she didn’t like it; I left that in God’s hands.

By the time Saturday evening came, I was so tired. Zion ended up getting the same bug.  Needless to say, we stayed home the entire weekend and I couldn’t wait for Jay to get home.

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