When Jay mentioned a house for us to look at, I didn’t think anything of it since he usually shows me different properties, mostly in Ohio. This time was different though; he actually wanted to go look at it and I couldn’t understand why. He had a pitch in mind. “Let’s sell this house to pay off debt,” was his opening line. We talked about selling the house the year before but nothing really came out of it. Somehow though, I had a feeling this time was different.

A week prior to discussing selling our house. I stumbled upon a couple on YouTube <hisandhermoney.com>. This couple shared how they were able to pay off their house in five years after they bought it following Dave Ramsey’s systems. I remembered thinking “wow, how nice it would be to pay off all of our debt including mortgage.” A lot of people believe that debt can be good or bad. An example of good debt would be student loans or the credit card you pay off every month. We beg to differ. We don’t want to owe anyone anything. We want to be free to use our money as we please, ie. save and give.

We went to look at the house and I was not impressed. The house was a corner lot over 800 sqft less than what we have.  We currently have a big yard and a three car garage in a nice cul-de-sac. The house in the corner lot did not fit the bill for me. I told Jay it was not the house for us and we didn’t go in. Days later, Jay insisted we look at the house on the corner lot and this time, we did go inside. The kitchen was small and looked like someone started renovations but changed their mind halfway through. All three bathrooms needed complete renovations. Meanwhile, Jay is discussing which room will be for each kid.

As hard as it was for me to downsize, a bigger part of me knew that it was the right thing to do.  The idea of being debt free from our student loans and car payments sounded amazing!! However, I was still stuck in our current home and situations. We have amazing neighbors and we look out of each other. So, Saturday night, I prayed asking the Lord to speak to both of us about the direction to go and he did!

Jay and I felt peace after church on Sunday. We no longer worried about the cul-de-sac, the spacious house, what will people think since we just built this house, and started focusing on what’s ahead and that’s debt FREEDOM!

The next day, I went to the bank and started the loan pre-approval process and got some really great rates.  We cleaned and decluttered our home and we put our house on the market. The house on the corner was no longer available but we are now ready to accept a smaller house.  We know there will be lot of challenges that will come with our decision to downsize when our family is so big but to us the end will justify the means. As Dave Ramsey said, “live like no one else, so later, you can live like no one else.”


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